A Lovely Pond

Found a lovely pond just 5 minutes up the road from our house. Never been before which is surprising as we are an exploring family. Friends suggested we meet there this afternoon and so we did. Persuaded S and L to come along too so we ALL got some fresh air and exercise. Fun on our doorstep and much talk of Stampy, I might add. Stampy bridging the gap between age groups definitely recognisable. The pigeons were more interested in the bird seed than the ducks. Could have been Trafalgar square at one point!

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Back at home A has completed another lesson on Reading Eggs. She seems to be whizzing through again.

Having given up on the Rescue Princess books I decided to try another tactic which has worked with other books so whilst A and W were engrossed in Lego Friends building I sat in the chair and read aloud. We finished an entire book. This one happened to include Monkey’s which obviously helped with interest. As long as they can move about reading aloud works. Need them to sit still or lie in bed with a book that is little or no pictures – it ain’t gonna happen.

Khan Academy and Manga High still featuring for L.

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