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We are a home educating family of 6 currently living in Hampshire in the UK.  We are in our 6th year of home education if you measure from the time we removed our eldest Twins from the system and our youngest Twins have never been to school and they are now 8.

It’s been an amazing journey so far which has evolved with every season. We are definitely making it up as we go along and adore the freedom and flexibility we enjoy. To list all the many reasons why we continue to home educate would be too long winded for this page but I will say quite simply, we have never looked back.

Meet us:-

Twin Mum, that’s me. 39 for the 5th year running. I am a Multiple Multiple Mama as we actually have two sets of Twins which total our 4 children. Simply enjoying the journey one day at a time feeling very happy to learn alongside our children and having the time to watch them grow as people.  Aspire to travel, travel and travel some more.

Twin Dad, 47.  Dreams Big.  Adventurous. An all round problem solver and there isn’t much he can’t turn his hand too. Has several adventurous careers under his belt and quite an extensive list of travelling to match which certainly helps in our home educating endeavors.  Alongside L he is totally outnumbered by the female of our species.

S (13) our very own social butterfly. Cares about the world and those in it, fun to be around with interests in so many things and talented in many areas too; Theatre, Acting, Comedy, Art, Fashion, Nature. Can often be heard singing, talking to herself or having a stomping drama.

L (13) Twin brother to S. Our one and only favourite son. Completely outnumbered by his sisters. Sensitive and considerate soul who often seems beyond his years with a memory to die for. Big Minecraft, World of Warcraft and MTG fan. Enjoys History and anything factual and likes a good chat, conversation, debate, argument. Interest in politics.

A (8) The first born of our Identical Twins. Independent and adventurous and loves to try everything her eldest sister does.  Loves Fashion, Monster High and enjoys a very close love/hate relationship with her Twin sister.

W (8) The youngest and smallest member of our household but can most definitely hold her own when needed. Funny, adventurous and very cuddly. She has pretty much the same interests to her Twin Sister; fashion and Monster High.

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