Action Stations

Saturday routine with S at singing lessons then drama from 10 am 2pm keeps us in and around the home hub eating Pancakes for breakfast and playing with Catty Noir and Katrine deMew, two more characters purchased with birthday money to add to the large Monster High collection. Grandad M popped round for a morning cup of tea.

Meanwhile, it’s been busy at the seafront with fun fairs, bouncy castles, tents and various bits being erected for some kind of bank holiday show I guess. Strangely enough to some I guess but these are the things that I dislike the most about living at the seafront. It’s no so much the events themselves but the extra traffic of cars and people, noise and litter that it brings.

Once our family of six was together complete again this afternoon we headed down to the Historic Dockyard to collect our family annual pass and extra pass (family passes never seem to cover our family!), purchased at the bargain price offered by Local Amazon. Although we have visited everything there it’s a great place to hang out and right on our doorstep so a real no brainer for our family.

Today we made brief use of Action Stations with it’s climbing wall. We nearly had an Identical Twin crisis of utter disappointment at being the smaller and less stronger twin when W weighed in at just 3 stone and they weren’t going to let her climb the wall whereas her identical sister, A weighing in at 3 stone 2 was able to climb. There was a height sign that they were both well above and a sign that said you must be over 3 stone. Had she been a singleton I doubt we would have questioned the decision what with health and safety and all that, but given her identical twin was going in and there really isn’t much between them to the point that rarely can people tell them apart outside of our family, I felt totally compelled to fight for W’s chance to climb the wall. We were successful and all three girls climbed happily. Phew…..

20140503_161459 20140503_162015

In the interest of balance, on different apparatus, we had the opposite when A just about squeezed beneath the measure rule. Too big but they both managed to have probably their first and last go on this.


L didn’t fancy the wall but had a quick look about some of the other attractions and decided to wait for his turn when we return during less busy week time. Sensible choice and lucky that he has that choice in the first place.

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