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Despite four books read to/with A and W last night, W still insisted she wasn’t tired at 10pm so out came Scooby Doo on DVD until she was ready.

After 12 years of co-sleeping with one, two, three or even four children at some point you’d think we’d be used to it and we are but last night the signs that our smallest (W) is getting much bigger were obvious to me as her legs were firmly placed across my torso and felt rather heavy! She still wakes in the middle of the night and comes in to me bringing her pillow with her. Twin Dad leaps out and get’s in with A before she no doubt calls out. Actually, musical beds and co-sleeping in various ways have provided us with more sleep rather than less. All in good time.

Ello creations were the choice of the morning for A and W. Shelves and showers and electrical wires made all with this cool building/creative toy.

S and L gave a little more time to the Big History Project. Whilst I was reading aloud, W says “Mum, that’s the Sun you’re talking about”. A few sentences later and clearly she was right. At 6 they seem to know much more than I would ever have known at the same age.

The afternoon was spent at Wednesday Adventure Group and again the weather was totally on our side with a fairly mild and dry play until we were ready to leave. We did experience some attempts at *intimidation* from some locally schooled children hanging around the gates wanting to come in around 2.30pm. Apparently, miffed by the meaning of *private group*, *home education* and the meaning of the word *education* with questions such as “How do you learn anything?”, “Can you spell BECAUSE?”, “Do you know if this coin is rare or not?”

We left at 3pm to get S and L to their next instalment of the animation workshop which this time held at a fully equipped music recording studio to record a soundtrack. They returned having had yet another good session.

Meanwhile A and W have been weighing toy animals and asking random questions such as “Mum, what’s a nozzle?”

At quarter past seven, my work day is still potentially three hours from finishing.

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