Archery Etiquette

Regular Friday Archery Course. Week 7. Archery Etiquette the order of the day. The usual rules as you would expect out of consideration for those about to aim and take fire i.e. peace and quiet. However, remember to carry plenty of cash just in case you accidentally break another person’s equipment such as an arrow when firing a shot as it is expected that you pay for the split arrow there and then on the spot, even if it were an accident! Lack of continuity with teachers is slightly annoying; confusion with arrows and paper handouts still evident. However, everyone still remains happy and enthusiastic and the arrow scores are definitely improving for most. S now has a full time place and is catching up fast on the weeks she has missed out on.

archery archery-001

The girls and I sat in on half the lesson but then we took off back to the car for some colouring. Managing and balancing the requirements of 4 children all part and parcel of daily life.

archery-002 archery-003

Mario Kart. Pokemon Videos. Minecraft. Shopping. Lego. Building and creating homes for soft toys with cardboard boxes, Sea Swimming, Music, Books, Roast Dinner. House looks like we’ve been burgled – nothing new there then!

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