As If By Magic

48 hours give or take has passed since the last entry.

With the fantastic weather calling, there have been two seafront beach/castle/common walks that have both included ice lollies/cream. Games involving stone age carving of stones, bashing away at flint and making a sacred secret henge just some of the things that happen whilst we sit on the shingle of Southsea.

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At home Playmobil and Zhu Zhu Pets have been the favoured toys for A and W. What a surprise we had when two little girls (also twins) from across the road donated their entire collection of Zhu Zhu Pets to them as they no longer play with them. Thank you Letters and Pictures and a small pocket money token was dropped over to them for being so kind.


As if by magic, our broad beans are sprouting upwards. Need to measure them tomorrow as I think they’re almost ready for the outdoors.


A and W have also discovered a series on Amazon Prime called *Horseland* and are working their way through the first season. Horses and young girls are the attraction but I notice there are nice little life lessons/the moral of the story is…. tucked away inside. It has inspired horse drawings.


Horse by A (still 6)

S has been to her singing group in West Sussex again where she receives a lesson from a singing/drama teacher who also happens to be a home educating Mum. The group consists of other home educated girls. No boys at present. It’s another opportunity to do what she loves whilst meeting new people. A performance is set for the stage in August. Today, A and W got to play in the host home garden complete with swings and trampoline. Twin Dad was working from home so L stayed put and we returned to find him in the same spot as we had left him in; at his pc!

Steve Backshall, Gorilla and Monkey programmes also featuring.

Home Ed Circus Skills Festival tomorrow. Bunny Ears have been made and coloured by those who are prepared to wear them.

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