As The Days Slip By

Another few days slip by.

Collectively, all 6 of us that is, have enjoyed the movie Frozen and we’ve been out for a jaunt to Portchester Castle. As English Heritage members, we don’t mind dipping in and out although we have our sights on other English Heritage destinations this year.

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Splitting into two halves has seen Twin Dad, W and S out on bike rides whilst myself, A and W stayed home mostly because A is unwell now and L didn’t want to go out.

Separately of course and in different combinations in and around the family home hub:-

S (12) has finished the first book in the series of Ultra Maniac which has ignited the Manga drawing again. This tends to take place in front of the TV or whilst she’s plugged into an audio or listening to music. For some one who has a keen interest in acting and singing, watching TV and Film, listening to audio’s and music is a big part of her interest led learning journey.



She’s been to the last singing and drama session for the Easter holidays – this is one area where we notice the school timetabling. Whereas, we wouldn’t stop for school holidays as we continue to live without school, we are still subject to the timetabling of others – such is life.

Another area S is working on at the moment is with mental arithmetic and money. She doesn’t want to but she has decided she should as it’s a particularly tricky area for her. Pressure to calculate ensures her brain shuts down similar to an over confused computer. Whilst playing some on-line math themed games, we did discuss how pointless some of it is. As she pointed out, if you just swipe your debit card over the right amount is taken anyway, no need for change. True.

Actually S has been rather busy, she has a second post published on her blog too.

L has mostly been in his usual spot on skype, Minecraft and Runescape. We have now subscribed to the full Runescape game as he completed the free possibilities. He did help me in the kitchen and made some fabulous mini meatballs. A session on Maths Whizz has taken place too but once the subscription runs out this month we won’t be renewing. Reading wise he has a Pokemon Book on the go.

Phoenix Comic and First News still regular features – more reading for S and L.

So yes, A is poorly today and W was poorly on Thursday. Yes another virus. I am convinced it’s coming from their Gymnastics sessions. Otherwise it’s been “how many day’s until our birthday?” Regular Minecrafting on Tablet has been taking place. A farm has been created and I can see how they are learning to add and subtract by having lots of sheep!

There has also been lots of weighing dinosaurs. More maths as we talk in kilograms and grams and read the numbers; not that they realise it, they’re simply playing.


At snuggling down in bed time, the choice of books has been mostly sticker books and more books from the I wonder Why Series. At the moment we are enjoying The Usborne Famous Paintings and I wonder why the sea is salty. Gorilla documentaries have also featured for A (6).

It dawned on me the other day that this blog will be a great memory for all of us 6 to enjoy thus here is a letter to the fairy from W and a picture of A, the twin who actually lost her teeth! It’s an identical twin thing, they both write regardless of whose tooth has been lost!

20140401_220045 20140401_220039


A (6)


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