Back by the Sea

Happy to be back by the sea. In the three weeks that we’ve been back in the South we’ve had warm enough weather to go in the sea and now cold enough weather to feel that sea air snapping at us on wonderful winter beach walks.

westwittering1 westwittering

We bought our Halloween Pumpkin from Slindon Pumpkins. Halloween spent at Grandad M’s for 5 of us. It was still mild, you wouldn’t have thought it was end of October.



Initial internet speed issues gave us an enormously stressful period which maybe not everyone would understand. However, out of a really tough time has come many positive things. Despite L losing his place on the Guild and where he wanted to be in the WoW Game he has decided to seek out other video games and other non-video game interests. Democracy 3 is the latest game interest. The Xbox One even got some use when friends came to stay. He is definitely a PC gamer but said the Xbox was fun when played with others. We drove to a football kick about group today where L joined in and got some exercise. The girls came along but played in the park. It was cold but nice to see people. All good.

S is firmly back at Theatre Group and enjoying the company of her friends. They’ve had a shopping meet up and a Halloween get together. We’ve been exploring the possibility of an Art Course at College starting next year. Shame you have to study English and Maths at the same time when all she really wants to do is the Art.

A and W are still engrossed in Star Stable but they’ve stepped out of the online world and enjoyed their first Horse Riding Lesson with another home ed friend of ours. With the hibernation season upon us, we’ve started to seek out more horse viewing. The Working Shire Horse was a good documentary.

Their BFFs have been over to visit too and all the children treated us Mums to a Circus production in the garden. They do love seeing their pals.

14902764_10154871284957240_385539123822626779_o 14940088_10154871284462240_1183219651648250042_o

With a beautiful beach steps from our door means it’s easy to get out for some fresh air and space. Here with our friends who came for the weekend.

eastwittering 14954442_10153873817841671_1778013065_o

Not sure how far we will venture out this winter but no doubt we’ll find places to explore. We’ve already returned to Cass Sculpture. Our first visit there was back in 2014 – see post here. Plenty of new pieces to see, some familiar from before and others clearly missing having been sold I guess.

casssculpture cass3 cass1 cass

Other things to mention, Planet Earth 2! Wow, edge of our seats with the lizards and snakes.

Til next time.

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