Back to Adventure Group Wednesday

Twin Dad and L went for a *boys* bike ride last night not returning home til gone 8:30pm and then it was the turn of A and W. I know from being in the schooling system this is something we wouldn’t have done on a *school night*. Often it’s these things we all appreciate the most. Time.

When everyone was back home, S filled her Minecraft cup which is not only creatively building but social time with friends who use our server too.

The rest of us watched Dragon’s Den.

Wednesday. The focus Back to Adventure Group Wednesday. Whilst waiting for the time to leave we slotted in some 1:1 time. It doesn’t always happen smoothly but this morning it did.

A and W both at different times sat snuggled on my lap requesting their *work books*. Simple books with ready made activities to practice reading, writing, simple maths. We are currently enjoying 10 or 15 minutes max and then the novelty has worn off and they spring in to a different action and go and do something else. Fine by me.

L and I explored some English Grammar and then we shared our Discovering Dinosaurs book; the stories of Richard Owen and Gideon Mantell.

S still practicing her cursive writing and also a page of an English workbook with some spellings. on the back of her wanting to improve her spelling. It’s a challenging area for her but a confidence booster today as she worked alone and marked her own work. 100%. We will get some 1:1 later as she always stays up as late as we do. Mostly she is staring out of her windows looking for City Foxes and probably chatting to friends via her Words With Friends App.

The afternoon saw us back at the Wednesday Adventure Playground. It’s still a popular choice for a regular meet up and L made up for yesterday’s lack of pals wanting to play with plenty of fun with some other boys who showed up.

Sprinklers, Sand and a fair bit of sitting in the shade as it was just so warm. Marvelous weather we are having. Another birthday and cake; we are a big group and it seems every week we can enjoy a birthday celebration.

20130904_125242 20130904_130330

Back home and everyone is fairly tired. W asleep behind me as I type. Will probably be a grumpy dinner.

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