Basing House

The Basing House site dates back to the Norman period and you can see the remains of a Norman castle. It was later the site of the largest private house in Tudor England belonging to Sir William Paulet. Monarchs such as Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Philip II of Spain and Queen Mary all spent time here. Basing House fell  under siege during the English Civil War. It’s definitely worth a visit if you have an interest in history and/or if you like a nice setting for strolling and picnicking. 

basing house

Tudor Great Barn

basing house-006

Ceiling of Tudor Great Barn with rectangular windows for crop ventilation

basing house-001 (1)

Lego Mania Tudor Barn

basing house-002

Learning to make bricks with Burseldon Brickworks

basing house-005

More brickmaking

basing house-007

and more brickmaking

basing house-013

The Walled Garden

basing house-008

Dove Cote that would have provided Eggs and Dung

Probably the most exciting part for the children was the tunnels. It’s a hands and knees effort for about 3-5 minutes which is fine physically but if like me, you don’t like confined spaces then probably not for you. I only moved a few inches and then chickened out. It’s mind over matter but rather than cause anxiety to L who was in front of me I ducked out. Amazingly, he carried on behind our fearless girls and Twin Dad so we were really very proud of him. The tunnels were actually a drainage system although we wondered if they were used as an escape route.

basing house-011

Ready to tackle the tunnel

basing house-010

Testing the depth of the well

20130616_133603 (1)

Lego Mania The New House


Running Wild

Once finished at Basing House we headed to Grandad M’s for a BBQ and a Bounce!

bouncing bouncing-001


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