Bean Boozled

The most recent highlight worthy of blog recording was the Bean Boozled Challenge. Don’t know what that is? Let me enlighten you. It’s a Jelly Bean tasting challenge full of nasty surprises; bogey, barf, skunk spray, rotten egg, lawn clippings, mouldy cheese, canned dog food and toothpaste flavoured jelly beans. Oh the excitement was large and I’m hoping now that W’s behaviour will calm down a bit. A and W and their friends waited for days for these yucky at best and at worse plain disgusting sweets to arrive and then more days for a time slot to get everyone together to take the challenge. S and L joined in. There was lots of spitting out and water rinsing but for whatever reason the younger children really found it both funny and thrilling. We filmed it in various parts as the children want to put it on their YouTube channels.

DSC_1801 (1)

Otherwise there’s been dancing, singing and drama in various combinations of the three girls. Bike rides, food tasting and minecrafting and lots of organising for the week ahead.

See you next time.

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