Beginning of the Transitional Phase

It’s the very beginning of the transitional phase between accepting Summer season to be basically at it’s end but not wanting to let it go. Feeling the need to lap up every last bit of the longer, lighter milder days and hoping that we will have a late boost of high pressure.

The imminent Autumn season ultimately bridges the gap between warm and cold and for us is the gradual transition. We have plans to make the most before the real hibernation season sets in.

I recognise in myself the potential to confuse the anticipation that comes with the change of seasons with the worry about whether or not our children are learning without school. I know to stop it in it’s tracks before it even starts. It’s a simple refusal to worry. Instead I engage my positive self and trust that all will be as it should be and just get on with living as we choose.

We are entering our 6th year of home educating depending on where we count from. S and L (12) left school at just 7. A and W (7) have never been to school, not even preschool. And, whilst we live without school with no national curriculum or timetables to follow, the school system can still crop up. This year it appears by my asking both S and L if they want to study or enter any GCSE’s next year. For if they do there is a certain timetable for application etc. It is their choice. My role is to inform them of the choices available to them and help to facilitate anything they wish to pursue.

Fortunately, for me, this year they have both declined. S says she thinks she might like to focus on some English as she believes that it will be good for her interest in Acting/Drama but no exam. She is currently learning a script for her next performance in October. She also has her Silver Arts Award going on at the moment and will also resume some 1:1 guidance from a local Artist with anime/Manga drawing.

L says he’d like to give more time to History but again without the pressure of an exam. He wants to achieve his Silver Arts Award this year too but with a separate theme from his sister. It’s going to take some facilitation here and will involve mastering some new software and he thinks it’s enough to be going on with. I happen to agree. We also have tickets booked for a video game expo and a digital arts exhibition.

I do love how they are directing their education and following their passions.

No real decisions for A and W to make at this stage. We can continue to just go with the flow.

I have noticed that we’ve had a bit more time at home than we had when the weather called us to be at the beach and swim. This has resulted in lots of mini play projects appearing around the house. I also know this will become more frequent as the season progresses. There has also been more time to play on technology (although we always find time for that!) Reading Eggs, Minecraft, World of Zoo on the Wii and lots of questions “how do you spell…..?” After a few year’s unschooling you really do get to grips with noticing cycles and patterns due to the seasons.

We’ve had two great play dates since we last blogged. Dinner and play on Sunday with one set of friends and time for adult chin wagging and lunch and garden play today with other friends. More hours of adult chin wagging whilst children invent and share their games with friends.

Monday gave us a trip to the Orthodontist and Gymnastics. Life is progressing nicely.

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