Bignor Roman Villa

Heritage Open Days today gave us free entry into Bignor Roman Villa. Cold, grey skies and rain gave us a taster of what’s ahead for us whilst out and about exploring and adventuring outside of the classroom or indeed living room!

The West Sussex countryside as ever still beautiful and those Romans certainly know how to choose a spectacular spot for their homes. Here’s some snaps of what was discovered and excavated.

bignor bignor-002


We had the pleasure of listening to a couple character enactment actors sharing their knowledge. Roman beauty products and being a Roman Gladiator the two topics learned today. Plus there were a few activities dotted around for the children to enjoy. It’s safe to say our youngest pair loved the farm animals and came home and dug out their own ones to play with.



bignor-008 bignor-007


Great place to enhance our knowledge of the Romans.

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