Birthday Twins, Show Biz

S and L turned 14. Where does that time go? 28 years of parenting right there. It doesn’t get easier the older they get, the job just changes. The learning curve as a parent is still massive and the worries and concerns are something else but they are a total joy to have in our lives.


Birthday celebrations were really low key this year largely due to S having to rehearse for her show. Of course we still had two cakes made by yours truly; One Chocolate, One lemon. Presents, Pizza take out and we settled down to Hotel Transylvania II which was actually requested by our younger twins but nonetheless turned out to be a nice family movie for all. Simple things.


It seems as good a time as any to reflect on how proud I feel of our children and how grateful I am that we can continue to home educate.  We couldn’t be any more removed from *schooling and it’s national curriculum* yet here we are living and learning and doing OK thank you very much!

S has just had an amazing two days performing on the stage at the Kings Theatre in Victory Land’s Variety Show. Two main parts to speak of. The Grand High Witch with the focus entirely on her during a very lengthy speech that she performed in a Russian accent. I was willing her not to forget a single line. She was incredible.

The Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, another big part with lots of words to remember yet this time in an American accent. Again really great. She’s pretty cool at these accents.

scarecrow scarecrow1 scarecrow2

There where various other scenes as well for her to take part in with singing, dancing and acting but the Witch and the Scarecrow where the biggest deal in terms of being out there exposed in the spotlight. The whole family enjoyed the show very much.

The work and commitment that goes into these shows is immense. The teachers, the cast and everyone else behind the scenes prior, during and after the show work really hard together and over the past 3 years or so, S has been a part of that. Leaving Portsmouth next month means that we have to leave Victory Land behind as well and that is probably the biggest downside to our leaving.

Moving on, S now has to focus on finalising her Silver Arts Award before we leave. For today, she got up past lunchtime and then decided to go and hang out with some friends at Clarence Pier while she has the chance – her friends are otherwise normally in school during the day.

L in total contrast does not have a big show to speak of but that matters not. He is shining in his own way and continues to be our favourite son 😉 He knows his own mind and has an opinion on most things. He loves his video gaming but talks of how addictive it is and he wants to seek other interests and find ways to find brain stimulation and things that make him happy. I marvel at how he recognises these things and brings them to my attention. I am here to help and facilitate not dictate. We know that we need to push the boundaries, comfort zones a bit more to enable more personal development in the year ahead. He is now ready for new challenges. We are seeking opportunities out already but mostly biding our time until we move. That in itself is hard.

Health and Fitness wise L continues to use his exercise bike and lift handweights. He has joined me in following You Tube videos for home exercise. It’s an interim measure until we move and can perhaps utilise a sports centre.

New books for his birthday about Philosophy, Religion and how to build your own computer are filling in some gaps. We’re flagging up some more living history events too.

A and W are still using Minecraft a lot but with using Minecraft the spelling questions still keep coming. The words are getting more varied and they are typing to one another. They’ve also been enjoying drawing competitions where they compete against each other to draw something and then ask for voting. Constructive criticism is necessary in making the vote in order to keep the Twin competitiveness at a sensible level. Twin Dad often joins in the drawing comps and they like it when he loses 😉

Orangutan Island has been watched back to front again too.

Operation house move must now step up a level. Onwards and upwards!

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