Blending In

No curriculum, no timetable just living and learning and doing our own thing. This is how we like it. It’s been a busy time again. We have, however, been *blending in* whilst we are out and about as there are already more children appearing with school summer holidays looming. I suspect some of the private schools are already *out for summer* and others are taking holiday’s despite the threat of fines?

Tuesday was Adventure Playground meet up for ALL followed by a short play at a friend’s house. Even L agreed to come along and joined in with some of the younger boys for a while and between the two of us we managed a pencil catapult. Then the rain came falling down just as we were about to leave and we were drenched by the time we arrived at the car.


Wednesday morning was all about the fashion. S had her last session with her tutor for this current project which was *fashion design*. The project finished off with a fashion shoot of S wearing the dress that she had designed and made complete with accessories. The theme chosen was one of an environmentally friendly nature given that S (12) is keen on caring for our planet.

The dress created from material of my own skirts which had holes in (which I myself had purchased second hand) and some new material which appeared on someone’s car boot table. Someone else’s junk could be someone else’s treasure and in this case, it certainly was. The grand total cost for the dress in terms of material £1. Totally unique and really rather fabulous. She came home complete with design board and now we need to purchase a larger Portfolio Case to keep this and her future work in. This opportunity still highlighting how pleased we are to be following an individual education route. The links to the project can be found here.


Wednesday afternoon was swimming fun with friends at a private pool. S hit her head and nose on the pool from an underwater race so next time we must remember goggles. She’s always been great at underwater swimming but the pool really isn’t big enough for such things. Chips at the seafront and a drive through Golden Arches ice-cream followed. Small pleasures.


Thursday and one more child teen for the day. S’s and L’s friend arrived at 11am to *hang out*. After lunch the the girls and I dropped the older trio off at the cinema to see Dragon 2. Becoming ever more independent.

The girls and I went off to do our thing. More Loom bands and boards purchased and several climbs at Action Stations. A and W almost reaching the top making it look easier than it is. Annual membership already paid for itself a few times over with all the visits we have made thus far and A’s and W’s confident climbing progress very obvious.

Oldies walked home which is a nice stretch of a walk along the seafront. The film was epic – apparently. Cold water and MC needed as soon as they were through the door. The progress I’m seeing at present with our older batch is really all to do with confidence in becoming ever more independent.

Bringing us around to today, Friday. More social play for A and W at a friends house plus a park trip, good company and conversation for moi and peace and quiet for concentrated Manga drawing in front of the TV for S and Roblox game designing for L.


As we walked through the supermarket today and saw all the *back to school signs* despite the children not having had their holiday yet, I can’t help but consider how far removed we are from a school education at the moment even though we will be blending in for a while over the next 6 weeks.

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