Board Game Group Monday

It’s half term in school world but here in home ed world, we’re just getting back into the swing of things after our Center Parcs adventure last week. I thought I might go for a daily post today and even for the rest of the week. SeeĀ if time permits.

We kicked off the week with Board Game Group in a much bigger hall that has potential for other activities too. Between us all we played some word games, MTG, table tennis, Continent Twister, Greedy Gorilla and a Dinosaur Game plus a usual blast of drawing. S (13!) didn’t join us, she went to her friends house instead.

At home much drawing is taking place, I’m running out of wall space. Latest drawings from A and W (both 7) are a Minecraft inspired girl collection.

DSC_1399 (1)

Talking of Minecraft, Center Parcs has been inspiration for the build with creations of sub tropical water worlds.

We’ve had a short go of Reading Eggs. L and S can be found skyping and playing on their PCs or their new smart phones.

Viewing has been Ariel II and Merlin and in other news the Oven is broken!

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