We know we can go out but…..

It’s been hibernation August again it seems. Weird. We’ve been more in than out. The pressure of wanting to be outside in the warmer weather is there but the desire to escape crowded spaces is greater so we’ve been very much home bound this past week. The only pity is we don’t have a proper garden. This must be the last year that is so.

Actually, we have been home bound due to work, waiting on deliveries and even unwellness with L so its not all “we know we can go out but…..we don’t want too!” Truth is A and W need to be out climbing, skating, biking, running, jumping, cartwheeling, swimming a lot more than myself L and S but it can’t always happen and that’s where we really do miss a big garden.

We at least have good outdoor spaces on our doorstep which helps. There’s always something going on at weekends to go and check out if interested but mostly the sea and swimming keeps the girls busy. Twin Dad takes them every night even if we haven’t managed to go during the day. There’s crowds if you want them.


One of the positives of having time at home is the level of creative play goes up a notch. They have the time to really engross themselves in their play and toys come out that haven’t been played with for ages. To add to the regular Monster High antics we’ve had farm animals, horse stables and even Dinosaurs. These are all past interests that have cropped back up. The horse interest has included many episodes of Horse Land, watching Black Beauty and has resulted in lots of horse drawings. It’s extended to Minecraft play too with riding around on horses.


Minecraft seems to have become an interest for A and W too now with being able to play on a multiplayer server outside of the one that we used to run. Generally they play on their tablets but they are keen to play with others now. Not sure how it will work out and I have hopes that it will help with their reading and typing. Lots of reading over shoulders for me while they play and in house help from L and S for mummy minecraft who still can’t play!

One of them asked to use Maths Seeds again so we’ve used a free trial and retaken the reading eggs quiz. It’s expired now but I am reluctant to sign up. They like the Maths Seeds far more than the Reading Eggs part.

Found some amusing short read aloud books to read to A and W though with the Daisy and the trouble with series.

S has finished sewing homework and art tutor homework (both projects she enjoys) all without any input from me as of yet. Otherwise it’s skype chat as usual between the hours of about 11am when she gets up and 11pm when she supposedly switches off skype as the rest of the household want to sleep!

We have had a couple of small socials outside earlier this week with a trip to the park so S could see her pal and a couple of hours at the beach today with friends for A and W. It’s probably been the warmest day we’ve had. Swimming and ice-creams.

A and me made a Madeira cake on the back of enjoying the new series of British Bake Off. She said it was too dry, W wasn’t interested but S said “what’s not to like and ate the leftovers!”. L asked if it had one crack and gave it a 7.


TV (other than Horse Land) has been Scooby Doo and the Wrestlemania Mystery movie which lead me on to showing the children the WWF wrestlers back in my day; Hulk Hogan and Macho Man in the Mega Powers, The Ultimate Warrior and many more. Amusing. Then we showed them Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks. There was a fair amount of giggling.

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