Brunch Bunch

Breakfast is still happening between 1030 and 1130 at the moment so I guess you could consider us Brunch eaters rather than Breakfast eaters.

Minecraft Homeschool started today for S and L which really suited the current mood. An hour and a half documentary on The Seven Ancient Wonders of the World followed by a short quiz and then on to build Roman style architecture on a server dedicated to those who have signed up for this particular session. Minecrafting internationally. S and L are booked on the advance class for obvious reasons and will therefore have their *work* graded. A bit schooly for us to be honest but they are enjoying it and it’s good to play on a different server.

A and W have also been graded. Badge 6 for Gymnastics and Badge 1 for Trampolining or bounce o lining as we prefer to call it. So the pocket is a little lighter but watching them today running about with their new found friends and attempting different moves tells me all I need to know. They really enjoy it. Plenty of giggling and smiles. It could well be the monkey/ape element of swinging from bars that does it.

Spaghetti cooking for Carbonara whilst I rapidly type. Twin Dad hopefully on his way home from London by now.

One thought on “Brunch Bunch

  1. Caro

    Nice to hear what you have been up to. 6yo really loving trampolining and all 3 girls loving gymnastics. Minecraft has not entered our lives yet but my nephew is addicted so sure it’s only a matter of time!

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