Busy Living Home Ed Life

Busy living our home ed life. Definitely need a stunt double as the juggling continues with meeting the needs of 7 year olds and 12 year olds and then of course sometimes the 12 year olds are in different directions too. Always striving for balance to keep things harmonious where possible but it doesn’t always work. I suppose I could put them all in school but we really wouldn’t be happy conforming on top of which we really don’t fancy the fines for the increasing ridiculousness I read about in the news. So, home educating lifestyle wins again for us.

Monday was mostly about Bowling and Gymnastics providing both social and physical activity for all. For some of us it’s a smoother ride than for others.

Tuesday was mostly about waiting home for some Camping stuff to arrive and when it did we were free for a seafront walk, ice-cream and splash. This generally worked well for all of us. Shame my phone camera wasn’t working properly because we found a rather impressive sized crab leg.

Wednesday has been mostly about more social fun time in the Sun meeting up with friends for a park, splash and crabbing session at our local lake. No crabs whatsoever but plenty of fish. Meanwhile S and L stayed behind and had a friend round for uninterrupted *hanging out* time.

S has also been for a longer session with her fashion tutor and there is a surprise coming soon. Top secret dress creation! It seems both tutor and pupil are having a fabulous time!

Otherwise A has been really keen on Reading Eggs choosing to do more than one lesson at a time racing to get to the next map. I can see that by the end of the maps it won’t really have taught her to read but it will have aided the journey. She likes to play the games independently mostly but calls me when there are tricky games.

W isn’t as keen on Reading Eggs and is a counting mode instead. I’ve noticed how she continues to count anything and everything that takes her fancy. The rails on our towel radiator rail for example.

Both A and W are still enjoying the longer warmer summer days with bike ride requests and night time sea swims with Twin Dad. I can’t help but reflect on our time in Spain a few years back and consider how much physically fitter and healthier we all were purely from the amount of swimming we undertook. I’m thinking about the winter already.

L has been playing on Roblox, Minecraft and other games, mostly RPG games whilst skyping.

Oh and we’ve been enjoying the Tigers About The House documentary on iPlayer.

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