Can’t be Bothered

November has a feeling of can’t be bothered about it. It’s not going to make for a particularly upbeat blog post. Mostly nasty cold virus and hibernation to speak of for November thus far. Motivation to leave the house is fairly non existent all round and we seem to have settled into our own family home groove with little desire for much else. It could be that new and bigger challenges and adventures are needed and whilst we work this all out we seem to be content just plodding along.

It’s been IntoFilm Festival these past couple of weeks fitting in well with our current vibe. Admittedly we didn’t bother going to a few of the movies we planned to which is representative of our mood right now opting to stay in bed longer and not rush out and about in the mornings. This is partly to do with feeling unwell and lack of energy from the cold virus. Partly to do with the grey rainy weather.  Can’t be bothered. Movies at the Cinema have been Inside Out (great), Big Hero 6 (good) and Sponge Bob Square Pants (sigh). At home it’s been Spider Man 1 2 and 3; Star Wars 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6; Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2 and 3; Jurassic Park 1,2,3 and 4; Into The Woods. Other viewing has been Hugh’s War of Waste, David Attenborough, Nigella. This of course is not conclusive of all that’s been viewed, just things I can remember! Hours of You Tube Viewing takes place much of which I’m not exactly privvy to.

There have been times over the past few weeks whereby we have left the house in different family combinations. Once all together for a Hover Ride to the IOW but in all honesty we weren’t well enough and just managed a walk around Ryde and some crappy cafe food before we made the return Hover Trip.


Since the last post, L’s been out with his cousins and Grandad for swimming junk food and movie action. He enjoys these outings. He also attended the Dr Who Festival at Excel London with Twin Dad. Really enjoyed this. Saw the cast including Peter Capaldi and listened to the talks. Ate out. He returned home happy.

drwho drwho2 drwho3 drwho4S has missed theatre school and a peformance due to illness but hopefully back on it this week. At home she’s been working on her Silver Arts Award, drawing, skyping…

A and W have managed drama. Wish it wasn’t such an early start.

A and W have found a renewed passion for Minecrafting from their tablets. Creating worlds together and enjoying sending each other messages despite sitting at opposite ends of the sofa. They’ve built volcanoes, castles, houses and a whole manner of other things. We’re also reading a Minecraft story at the moment which I am learning more from than they are.

Some of us took to the Historic Dockyard this week for some Laser Quest and wall climbing but it was fairly short lived again due to lack of energy. We had a mooch around the fairly new Boat Yard section instead.

Adventure Playground meet up on Wednesday was a quick cameo appearance given A and W didn’t want to stay long. Indication again we are in need of new adventures.

This week we’ve also been to the local Portsmouth City Museum to see the newest exhibition, The Story of Children’s Television. Really good actually with plenty of blasts from the past. I’m talking Grange Hill (30 years that ran for!), Brum, Rosie & Jim, Tweenies, Humpty Dumpty, He Man, Rhubard, Morph, Trumpton, Camberwick Green, Mr Benn – I could go on and on. Children were amused at watching some of the old stuff I used to watch. There was of course television that was before my time including Muffin the Mule and Time with Mother to name but a few. Good to see some older Dr Who stuff there too. The exhibition brought us right up to date with Horrible Histories, Wolf Blood, Adventure Time and Tracy Beaker. We did our usual walk around the rest of the museum which we have seen many times before but stopped and had some fun with the table football game in the PFC area.

DSC_2444 DSC_2447 DSC_2454 DSC_2457

Home and without Internet for the rest of the day (can you believe it!!?), we put the TV on and watched the latest series of The Apprentice. L is really enjoying it. I’m not sure if it’s the candidate annoyance factor or what but he wanted to watch episode after episode.

That’s all folks.

5 thoughts on “Can’t be Bothered

  1. katie

    I’m sorry you’ve been ill.

    But if you read this blog post backwards you’ve actually done loads!!

    The Doctor Who festival was our gallivant budget for the month!

    1. Angela Post author

      It looks that way doesn’t it but actually it does span a big chunk of time since last post and I have only highlighted the obvious that I can remember. We are definitely in hibernation mode.

    1. Angela Post author

      Hello! Wondered where you’d gone. Can’t believe your family has expanded since we were in contact last. How lovely! x I’ll keep track of you know via this blog – I think it’s fairly new?

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