Carisbrooke Castle

Day 2 of our Isle of Wight adventure took us to Carisbrooke Castle, an English Heritage Property thus covered by our annual membership. More than 30 years since my last visit which happened to be on a school trip and I realised that the only real memory I have is the walk around the castle walls. The rest is a blur.

The castle was fairly busy with tourists and school trips but it’s well worth a visit. The museum is has a good “hands on” section, toy exhibition as well as an exhibition about Jack Seely and his famous war horse named “Warrior”. L filled his head full of more information. It’s one of the things he really enjoys doing. I guess he’s in his *element* when doing so because he’s totally engaged and absorbed in the reading.

The views from the top of the castle are fantastic and the grounds are perfect for picnics.



Donkey demonstrating the water wall function. He even had a poo whilst on the job – no doubt trying to get out of it!


Dressing Up Fun


Me: “I had skates like those” Them: “Mum can we get some of those spring shoes?”


The View from the top


Plucking the strings


Peering down the well


Up we go

A picnic lunch followed by a car journey to our next destination and all four children were sleeping in the car and Twin Dad was in need of Coffee. The product of first night camping sleep, heaps of fresh air and lots of castle steps!

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