A perfect place to recover?

We didn’t return to work after the Christmas Period nor did we return to school – for any new readers, we don’t go to school! Instead we went to Center Parcs with Grandparents. Except it wasn’t anything like our Center Parcs break back in February 2015 because unfortunately we were ill – we’re still not fully recovered. It started a couple of days before Christmas but we didn’t realise it was really more towards the flu end of the spectrum than the horrible cold end of the spectrum until each of us dropped like flies one after the other. All of us except Twin Dad that is! We debated long and hard whether or not we should actually make the trip at all and we left the decision right until the last moment when we decided that we were at least over the temperature phase. We made it down to Center Parcs in Longleat for dinner time on the 4th January knowing that if we could make the car journey (Twin Dad was well and seemed to escape the illness pretty much altogether) we could just move into the CP accommodation which we knew would be comfortable and just recover there for a day or two more, go with the flow with not very high expectations. After all, you don’t go to CP to sit on your arse!  We upgraded to wifi this year due to Teen and business requirements and the accommodation was even more comfortable than we had anticipated. A perfect place to recover…? Plenty of space for 8 of us, a lovely veranda and sauna that we never even tried.

centerparcs centerparcs1 centerparcs3

CP gave us vouchers as compensation for some building work that was taking place and we never even got to spend them. Eating out was just not on the agenda as nobody was really interested in food. We did manage to swim in short bursts and we survived the rapids some of us on more than one occasion. Sheer determination more than anything else. S only managed it once but to be honest it’s quite amazing all that we achieved given the sorry state we were all in. Relentless coughing at night keeping us awake and un-rested at night preventing us from recovering sooner. Not much of a break for Nanny and Grandad! We’re home now and appetites are returning. There have been incredible amounts of disappointed emotions to manage particularly from W (8) but life lessons are “not everything runs smoothly” and “not everything is within our control”. What is within our control is how we respond and how we react to life’s curved balls. We’ll go again.

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