Finally it feels like winter with the cold weekend just past and the first frost noticeable this Monday morning. Chillsville.

Singing and drama kicked off Saturday followed by a trip to Toys R Us in search of Zelfs. A and W had money to spend and they wanted to spend it! There has been much counting money. Home just in time for Grandparents to arrive.  Nanny showed up with Dairy Free Cake which set the precedent for over excited twin batch two. You’d think they’d never had cake before the way they performed and had cake on their mind the whole weekend. Should have just let them eat the whole lot in one go on arrival. Actually they have been difficult all weekend so I guess we have arrived at the excitement issues of Christmas – the positive is it could have been earlier!

Monday and everything is calmer than the weekend although we haven’t gone through the day completely unscathed.

L has tackled a little bit of English Language GCSE today. The Unit kicked off with Extreme Sports thus we googled and You Tubed to find out more. Neither myself or L are of the Extreme Sports persuasion and to be honest some of the videos were ridiculously dangerous and stupid in our opinion.It went on to a passage about explorers which sort of tied in with books we read years ago about the South Pole so we recognised the names of the explorers. The writing was easy for L. When I say writing, I actually mean typing but the language skills are there all the same. He’s also being researching/considering XBOX One over other console possibilities as we discuss whether or not its time to *out* the Wii. Its had a long life with us, I’m guessing somewhere between 7 and 9 years but it doesn’t get the usage it used to.

S I hope has been working on her Silver Arts Award but she’s been hiding away in her room for most of the day so will have to check on her later.

A and W have played the day away with Monster High Dolls, Zelfs and remote control LaLaLoopsy Dolls. There has been the usual tablet action and today they have both had a go on Nessy to help with their reading.

We’ve been out to run some errands but otherwise home education hibernation is well under way and it’s suiting us well and allowing me time to declutter and wade through some administration.

Found an old home ed friend via the blog again. Hoorah for blogging. You can find them here.

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