Christmas is Packed Away


Christmas has been and gone in a blur of stormy wet weather, excessive food, alcohol and presents amidst a range of family visitors either here or with us venturing elsewhere.┬áIt’s been a mixed bag of good and bad and testing on many levels as life sometimes doesn’t go to plan. There’s been a lot of fun but much disappointment too. It’s been both relaxing and exhausting all at the same time. We’ve been tucked away at home but have also travelled miles to the muddy fields of the Fenlands. Definitely a Christmas of positives and negatives.


The interests have remained the same over the festive period and gifts have mainly been additions and extensions on existing interests. Hex Bugs, Monster High’s, Minecrafting, Lego, Chess, Drawing, Harry Potter to name but a few.

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Today, we’ve been packing Christmas away until next year whilst Twin Dad is at work. The Tree is down, the advent calendar and all the other Christmas Ornaments and trimmings back in their respective boxes, the recycling bin is over flowing and the Dyson is full. Home is beginning to look ready for the New Year. We are all eager to crack on. There is much we want to do and it feels exciting.

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