Christmas Prep and Comics

Last night S, L and I (me) played Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone Trivia Board Game. If there were a GCSE in HP then both our 11 year old’s would pass with an A grade. Myself, probably not! Despite reading all of the books and watching all of the films I do not have the fine details that S and L have accumulated. Audio Books, Films, Video Games, Board Games, visit to HP Studio Tour and not forgetting the Pottermore Site on a regular self interested basis all play a part in their acquired knowledge.

Meanwhile A and W were watching Bambi for the first time. The date of the movie, 1942 was discussed!

We woke to a bright day but definitely some underlying lergy floating about. I don’t feel 100% myself. Nonetheless, more mince pies, a Chocolate Yule Log and a batch of piccalilli kept me fairly tied to the kitchen. It’s all part of the current job description.

By Lunchtime The Red Crow, The Phoenix and First News arrived on the doormat. The Red Crow is a comic created by another home educated boy local to us and who L and S have met before and played cards with just recently at a home ed meet up at Playzone. It’s good to support the work of fellow home educated folk and their ventures particularly when you can place a face to the name. Also trying things new we have a test run of another comic, The Phoenix. First News still proving a welcome arrival on a Friday and L was pleased to read an article on Gaming.

A and W have been building more variations of Lego Vehicles. They’ve moved on from sleighs and we have limousines, specialised baby vehicles to name but a few. Soon enough these were being translated into Minecrafting alongside the latest creation from W which she tells me is kind of a Church and a Prison all in one – interesting.

L has completed 20 minutes of Maths Whizz whilst S and I (me) had another go at Khan Academy. I am undertaking the mastering of Maths also. Why? I don’t know. Perhaps it’s just brain exercise.

Carpentry in aid of Christmas is happening as I type with Twin Dad, A and W sawing and hammering to extend the dining room table.

Time for Tudor Monastery Episode 2

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