Considering A Wobble

For a brief moment today, probably because we have been housebound with A unwell, I considered having a wobble over the lack of formal education we undertake but then I simply decided against it. It was that quick and that simple. It’s all in the perspective, the goggles one wears to view life.

Negative goggles are not useful tools. Positive goggles are so much more helpful. We’ve been having many discussions about the challenges of life and how it doesn’t always run smoothly or to how we want it to. We’ve been talking about how we think can determine how well we deal with a difficult situation. Keep the positive goggles on wherever possible is generally my overall advice although I realise it’s not always easy.

Much of our learning happens through life and conversation and and that’s why keeping a blog is a useful tool in the absence of an abundance of written work or completed worksheets. I’m not sure many of our topics of conversation would match up with the National Curriculum in any event.

Rubbish has been considered. Looking from the view from our window on bin collection day, the house opposite with 4 members regularly putting out 6 bags of black bag trash in comparison to our family of 6 who generally leaves out 1 maybe 2 bags at most. Perhaps we are actively recycling more, consuming less or perhaps our consumption is different, I don’t know but the comparison was worth considering. This naturally lead to discussions of monthly food bills and L worked out how many hours┬ápaid work it would take on the UK’s minimum wage (a reality for many) to pay for our monthly shop. Enlightenment with Tax and the many other related bills followed and it’s welcome to the real world for one of our 11 year old’s.

Twin Dad asked him to take the Bins out and discussions on how, when and where and the whole system behind rubbish removal took place. Quite frankly the bin men pay an enormously vital role in our system and I can’t help but consider if earning less than some other positions I could name but won’t, is appropriate! Something else to ponder/debate I guess so I asked L (11) his opinion but apparently he had already been asked this question by another one of our friends, a home-ed Dad.

We went on to look at pictures on the internet of third world land fill/rubbish sites and the people that live there. Shocking realities of life elsewhere on our planet. Twin Dad also mentioned his time in Indonesia whereby snacks were wrapped in banana leaves and steamed – no need for packaging.

I guess we’ve been giving more and more thought to waste and consumption, needs and wants over the years we have been home educating and in turn this has lead to all of us wanting to make informed choices and decisions rather than just blindly accepting everything that surrounds us. I know I feel more grateful and contented in life than ever before and it’s not based on financial wealth or material belongings.

The world is a complex place and for sure we cannot learn everything nor can we solve every problem ourselves and who is to say what’s right from wrong but learning to challenge ideas and actually think about how we are living is now definitely a large part of our journey. I definitely feel our reasons for home educating have morphed since we set out five year’s ago.

In the beginning, home education was just a relief and happiness that a choice existed but we have made it a lifestyle choice and in doing so our journey has been so rich in learning in so many ways and because of that it’s wasted time and energy to have a wobble, at least for today.

In other activity news, the list would look something like this:-

  • Reading; Guiness World Records, Flanimals, The Biggest Bed in The World
  • TV; Steve Backshall programs, MI High, Barney’s Barrier Reef, Star Wars IV, The Lost World which ties in nicely with S’s and L’s animation workshop and our visits to the Conan Doyle exhibition at our local Portsmouth City Museum.
  • Tudor Puzzle finished with collective effort although one piece missing but that’s the risk when you purchase for 50p at a village sale
  • W went on to complete another 3 smaller puzzles and A left the sofa for 1 puzzle too.
  • A really tedious Days of the Week Game which will never be repeated again and now in the recycling (also one piece missing but again 50p at the carboot)
  • Minecrafting successfully on the Home Ed Server and I gather we have employees being paid in Minecraft money too
  • Minecrafting on Tablet and Smart Phone
  • S as been helping me with some photography as her camera is way better than mine
  • Christmas Lists finished
  • Video Clips about Viruses
  • Night Walk to the beach

horriblehistoriestudorpuzzle Daysoftheweek

Did I mention our veggie box arrived again today – still excited!

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