It’s December

It’s been several days since the last post. Where to start? At the beginning? It’s been so busy, I can’t even remember where the beginning is. Think it will have to be a quick recount of events rather than forget them completely which is possible given the current volume of things I need to remember.

Twin Dad and L have added another Museum trip to the list with their visit to the Royal Marines Museum. I think TD has gone up in L’s admiration in terms of the physical and mental requirements to pass Commando course. This can only be a good thing as their personalities can often clash over so many other things. L is the other end of the spectrum when it comes to physical activity apart from Swimming that is – he loves swimming.

S has been writing to home ed friends in Sheffield having received lovely bracelet and letters in the post last week. Regular Theatre happened on Saturday with scripts handed out and two parts to audition for.

A is feeling better by for a while there the recovery did leave her brain adled. I’m sure these viruses genuinely addle the brains of our youngest pair. It’s always been the case when recovering, they go into real awful behaviour mode. They have both been able to resume beach night walks with torches, bike riding and roller skating.

On the academic front, Khan Academy Maths, Maths Whizz and Brain Pop for L. Money Workbooks for S.

The Christmas month of December began with our home made combination of recyled and craft materials Advent Calendar. Last year I had decided that the cardboard chocolate efforts were just uneventful and quite frankly not right for us anymore but we didn’t have the time having just moved house to organise an alternative. This year we did. I think we will add to it’s creation as we go along but for now it’s doing just fine. Every day there are four chocolates and/or a small gift or card with a Christmas Activity. 


Christmas Tile Painting


Making a Driftwood Reindeer

reindeerand there has been plenty glue and glitter for Christmas Cards but I can’t showcase them here because you might just receive one!

It’s not all been happy go lucky getting into the festive spirit. There’s been a fair amount of stress and strain with work loads, juggling too many balls and not having the balance right with most of us wanting to be outside rather than inside. Beach Therapy always works no matter what the weather so off we went to one of our favourite spots, The Witterings. It turned out to be a Family Fitness session and was a whole pile of fun.

sandcrab - Edited witterings

sand dunes wheelbarrow

water fun

sand dunes 1

the beach

 Did I mention Minecraft?

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  1. Zoe Barras

    The girls will be excited to hear that 🙂 I love the Christmas tiles they are fabulous!! We did the same a few years back with the cardboard calendars too, I really disliked them in the end so I made some little bags and now they have chocolates in. They look so pretty. Jealous of the beach….X

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