December 2014 is here

After a weekend of mostly having just three children with us due to S (12) being with her Theatre School performing at the Victorian Christmas Festival at the Historic Dockyard, we finally arrive at December. She had such a great time at the festival and learned so much given street performing is something she has never experienced before. She came home exhausted.

Whilst S was doing her thing, the rest of us decided to take in some Beach Therapy at Witterings.

DSC_1005 DSC_1012 DSC_1002 DSC_1013 DSC_1004

Other than that, we’ve had a Tevo box installed which has filled the living room with cartoons; Twin Dad has given lick of paint to the living room area as the new cream sofa made the walls look incredibly mucky; I alongside my business partner had our first Earth Conscious pop up shop event at Portsmouth Yoga Studio; two new monster high dolls have joined us and L has stayed up til the early hours to finish Hunger Games Book 1. He purchased book 2 and book 3 at the same time and is currently engrossed. Will really be looking for book suggestions for him once this series has finished. Any ideas, please do comment.


Today Monday the 1st December means the Advent Calendar is back out. Number 1 pouch contained 4 chocolates and the task of writing our Christmas Wish Lists. The countdown has begun.


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