Dedication Minecraft

Regular readers will know that we are mostly and mainly an interest led home educating family. It’s not as hands off as you might imagine. On the contrary, we spend and invest much time into introducing our children to all that we can in the world in the belief that when engaged in the world the natural curiosity and thirst for learning remains alive and does not become *uncool* or *boring*.

Our aim is to broaden horizons and keep minds wide open to the possibilities out there (not just the children’s either because both Twin Dad and I are very much life learners). We are not always successful as our children show lack of enthusiasm with topics that are of little interest right now but we appreciate that we our learning paths are all very individual and unique journey’s to take.

As we follow this interest led, life learning philosophy, we also find ourselves understanding that ALL learning is equal and thus when we have a huge Minecrafting fan we must respect and nurture that interest too. I do, I trust it but I think it’s taken Twin Dad longer to embrace the whole video gaming concept being more of a fling himself out of an Aeroplane, climb mountains, travel the world kind of man.

Following an interest led education we parents must accept that Twinbo 2 is a huge Minecraft fan. In fact this interest has being going strong for the past two years.

Recently he has taken to playing Multiplayer on a home educating server run by a home educating group. It is obvious when I see him playing how fast his typing skills have become. He is quick! With all this online social time his team playing skills are obviously improving not to mention all the practice with spelling and communication.

One of his latest creations has been the Empire State Building operating as a hotel. He has been involved with a library and adding content to the books. He’s built a mansion, an underground mine and a castle. Apparently he has constructed many more smaller objects too. You can see how cross curricular Minecraft can be.

Twinbo 1 has now joined the world of Minecraft too. She has previously dabbled using her brother’s account but has decided to dive right in and purchase an account for herself. Another opportunity for shared twin sibling interest and dialogue. I hear conversations and discussions going on and think it’s all good.

It seems that Twinbo 1 is enjoying chatting to other players as well as creating farms and cat homes.

The youngest two are eagerly observing over shoulders and taking instruction from the eldest pair so it is likely we could be a complete Minecrafting family soon enough.

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