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Twin Dad is away working again. We are on count down until he returns and also for the next twin birthday of the year. It’s been a busy week.

We’ve taken a trip to Denny Abbey and the Farmland Museum to meet up with friends. What a lovely afternoon in the fresh air with some history thrown in for good measure. Plus we came back with some new books from the onsite second hand book shop. L bought an old Dr Who book that we believe was only available for club members.

dennyabbey dennyabbey2 dennyabbey3 dennyabbey4

Home Ed Group in the village was on again despite it being school holidays. I can’t really tell if it’s school holidays or not up here as it’s just quiet and spacious all the time. Plus I mostly ignore term times anyway.  Just Play was another relaxed session with myself and L playing Star Wars monopoly with a variety of younger players joining in and out. The three girls were not to be seen for the whole group as they hung out with other children there – some of whom they knew from years back. Really lovely to reaquaint with more people that we knew from before.

The hall used for the group joins on to a field and play park so the children are free to be in or out. Here’s some of our girls.

tyddpark tyddpark2

We attempted to go to a multi-sports group this week too but alas the people who open up the hall venue didn’t show so several home ed families turned around and went back home. For us that was half an hour drive. Par for the course.

Talking of driving, here are some more photos of a typical car journey. S took them from the front passenger seat.

fenlandsdrive fenlandsdrive2

Otherwise at home it’s been the usual days of Minecrafting and other video gaming and of course YouTubing. We have been watching Master Chef on Amazon Fire TV. Definitely not for the health conscious wholefood plant based diets nor for Vegans but interesting how we are noticing these things from our flexitarian stance.

L has dipped into his savings and brought himself an xbox One console. Actually the sale of the Lego collection when it sells should replenish the funds for him so he can once again continue on his path for a higher spec Video Gaming PC. Right now he says he wants to try something new. There has been much deliberation and research over this decision.

A and W have been trialling Education City in another quest for a new angle to help with reading and writing/typing. They’re enjoying it a present.

W seems to be steaming ahead with reading at the moment. She’s been reading to S and L and reading to herself in bed. Interestingly, it’s almost bang on the same age as S for deciding to read for pleasure, 9. S although having been through the first 3 years of schooling, found reading enormously frustrating. Oh the tears we had because of the school reading schemes. As soon as we removed her from school there was no real pressure to read and in time, 2 years after leaving she was definitely reading for pleasure.

A is taking the lead from W and following suit. This is good news.

The girls have also taken to performing syncronised dance routines. Amusing.

S (14) has found felting. Actually, I found felting courtesy of a Home Ed Mum Friend at the group and in turn I purchased a kit to try at home. So far we have all had a go but it is S who has the knack! She has also been drawing but I can’t reveal it on here until the recipient receives the finished piece.

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