Dinosaur Expedition Brook Chine

Our next adventure was to meet our friends at Brook Chine for a Fossil Hunt lead by an experienced guide from Dinosaur Expedition. Absolutely worth the money to pay for a guide. It’s the difference between knowing what you are looking for and why rather than simply roaming aimlessly around the trillion zillion gazillion stones on the beach. Having someone to ask questions of and explain the landscape really was invaluable.

20140626_160237 20140626_160254

We had a great time despite the fact that the heavens opened and we got drenched. S (12) was the first to find dinosaur bone but we all found something by the end of trip whether it be fossil wood, dinosaur bone, fish bone fossils etc.

HOWEVER, we had two really rather exciting finds. 1) a crocodile jaw fossil and 2) a rather large dinosaur bone which Twin Dad found. It was photograph worthy by the Dinosaur Expedition and perhaps the best find of an Educational Group particularly as we were just 10 in total.


Not only did we find Dinosaur Bone we got to see Dinosaur Footprints too.

20140626_163413 20140626_163354 20140626_163917

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