Drums, Singing, Ballet

We kicked off today with the second taste tester of our Music Group. More African beats, drums and rthymns and lots of singing. I really enjoy it but my four offspring aren’t that bothered. They say it’s the style of music they aren’t interested in so unless the term has a more varied agenda it looks like we may have to knock it on the head. I wonder if I could just go along for the ride? Home Educating me Mum.

Only enough time for a quick dash to the post office, lunch back home and we were off to the Ballet. Swan Lake at Kings Theatre.

The first half was fairly lengthy and at times a little hard to be excited about but it was worth going just for the second half. Dramatic and very moving. We had the sad ending. Appreciation given to all the dancers not just the professional ones and of course the music.

A little comical as the four home ed families (including us) sat amongst the school groups and the little girls in front were perplexed over which school we might belong too. They kept looking at A and W’s non uniform and whispering. I think if they’d been brave enough to ask me outright, I might have told them we came from Monster High. It was a great way to spend the afternoon.

In other news, First News arrived on our doormat as it has done now for several weeks. It’s proving popular and informative and they seem to like to read out bits that catch their eye. Although today S today read aloud to us regarding the Madeleine McCann case. Difficult to talk about to children I find. L pointed out the death of the baby Tiger cub and an article about children who have regular bedtimes are apparently better behaved.  

A asked how Sat Nav’s work today so I gave a brief answer and provided a 2 minute video explanation. I’ll get Twin Dad to cover that when he gets home. Although he will have more study this weekend at least he has a couple of days where he doesn’t have to get up so early.

Meanwhile the living room floor is covered in elastic bands and elastic band pin boards, wooden bricks, marbles and crazy bones.

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