Education by Tesco

Tesco was part of our daily learning opportunity today with a Farm to Fork workshop that they offer. Kindly organised by another home ed Mum, a group of us went to see what it was all about. Aimed at primary age so I took A and W (both 7) but L (13) decided to tag along for the ride with his nose. He’s pleased he did for there was lots of cheese, fruit and cookie making on offer which he got to partake in as did the adults in the group.

To be honest I think the content of the workshop was more appropriate for much younger children than even my 7 year olds but it was fun nonetheless and the staff running and assisting the show were very friendly and patient. A and W personally would have enjoyed more thought provoking discussion given the chance but they enjoyed seeing the warehouse storage areas including the -19 degrees freezer. The best bit aside of decorating cookies with all kinds of sweeties in the bakery was watching the fishmonger gut and fillet a mackerel.

Typically, worksheets were handed out so a small amount of writing took place. I mostly swallowed my annoyance with worksheets. Trying to concentrate on filling in blank spaces can often make you miss things that might otherwise be of interest. However, the girls didn’t mind too much and filled in some of the gaps with spelling assistance from myself and L. Glad he came with me today.

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