Egg Tastic

The past week has seen us slip properly into January home educating hibernation mode. Having the choice mostly not to push ourselves to get up early or to go out and be anywhere, means we don’t when we don’t feel like. We are extremely fortunate in that sense.

We have been spending a lot of time on the sofa working our way through Merlin, for the second time. The first was in 2013 (see here) and subsequently we delved into project based learning with the Legend of King Arthur.

Otherwise, S has been to her Art tutor, had a couple of friends over and has been to Theatre School. She’s been plugged into her audio of Hunger Games book 2 or can be found drawing. Pinterest and Minecraft are favourite past times too.

L has mostly been video gaming; roblox, minecraft, world or warcraft. He has been researching his MTG cards and is very knowledgeable about value. He is consistently constructing and making changes to his deck and mine! He did help me make some Harissa Broth with Kale Pesto.


Reading wise it’s been First News, Naruto (although it transpires that he’s not too keen) so we won’t be buying more books. He’s also been reading a Politics Book he got for Christmas.

A and W have been to gymnastics but otherwise they live in a Monster High World. The party never dies. They take over the house! They have even taken to hanging upside from the ceiling. The girls have been dressing up as their favourite characters whilst role playing their dolls in so many different scenarios, I can’t keep up. The chatter is constant Monster High. This interest has been going strong for some years now.

DSC_1220 DSC_1215 DSC_1221 DSC_1217 DSC_1216

Occasionally we are managing to slot in some reading eggs or using Kumon workbooks to aid in their learning to read journey. Fact is they would rather be doing almost anything else instead. Climbing trees or bike riding. Getting Twin Dad to help make them bat wings. Baking ghost buster cakes. Minecrafting. Dressing Up.


Today was Tuesday adventure group for all of us. L played Magic, S took along her drawing stuff as she wasn’t sure if any of her friends would be there. It didn’t matter too much that they weren’t as she had the opportunity to chat to some other home ed kids that showed up instead. She said it was pretty cool to hang out with them. A and W had so much fun engineering something that might protect an egg being lowered, dropped or in some cases hurled from the top of the Adventure Playground Tree House. They were victorious with their various contraptions. The eggs came home safely!


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  1. Mandy

    Great fun! How did you make those bat wings? They look very cool! My daughter has a collection of Monster High dolls too, shes more of a collctor than a player though it turns out! haha (meaning they sit on her shelf 80% of the time unless we make something new for them…like a cashiers checkout made from cardboard!)

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