Ely Cathedral

Twin Dad and I like getting out and about and going to different places. The children aren’t always necessarily keen on the places we suggest but we can’t always please everyone all at the same time – perfectly normal when you have four children. It’s sometimes hard to facilitate everything wtih two paretns available but during the days when there is only one parent around to facilitate everything it can seem impossible. Then there are all the other usual constraints such as time and finances. Still, that’s real life and we attempt to make the most of the opportunities that we have. I think if we didn’t then the children may as well be in school.

Ely our choice of destination. Not too far away from our current residence. Had been before but only on the periphals to a home ed group of which the memories aren’t too great unfortunately.

This time we ventured right in. What a lovely place.

First stop was the Cathedral. L wasn’t keen at all. Despite his keen interest in History, church buildings and the like aren’t his favourite places to be. The rest of us were happy enough to walk around but it was never going to be a long lived visit. The girls soon grew tired.


ely1 ely7

I just love the coloured glassed windows. I’m not even looking at the stories they tell, just enjoying the colour. S and I spent some time trying to capture them on our mobile phones.




We lit candles. I don’t follow a religion but lighting candles seemed really fitting. My own were for a friend I’d known many years ago who has recently died way way too early and the other candle for the Mum of an old school friend who has also just recently passed – good memories from much younger days. Sad news all in the past couple of weeks.



Once done with the Cathedral we took a jaunt down to the river via two little parks We saw lots of rabbits in the fields.


Then onto Ely Museum. Not much to report really but the ticket price does cover a whole year so we could pop in again should we find ourselves in Ely which would make it feel a bit more worthwhile. Lots on Oliver Cromwell and we saw his signature in a book.

A brief walk around the town and our final stop a coffee shop for a welcome rest. Be a good place to shop. As it happens we’d run out of time but S managed to bag a last minute bargain in one of the charity shops just before closing.

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