Fake Earth Hour

“Those adverts make us want to buy things, don’t they Mum?” said A (6) at the breakfast table. The conversation flowed in response as you can imagine.

Sunday 830pm saw us participate in Earth Hour, fake Earth Hour as we have named it. S’s responsibility! Every single light and gadget went off as the candles were lit and we settled down for Parsnip Cake (home made and it is delicious btw), and a game of family Pictionary. About 3/4 of the way through and to close down the opposition from L(12) who didn’t want to turn off his gadget in the first place and my own mind gathering connections as to why we hadn’t seen any reminders despite having participated for several years – we decided to check on my phone to see if in fact it was Earth Hour. We discovered that it wasn’t, and S had gotten the date wrong. “I wrote it on my calendar” she said. We did laugh. She has always had her own take on time, dates etc. It’s nothing new. L of course is annoyed that he has to take part in yet another Earth Hour next week.

Monday started with My Sims Kingdom on Wii. Anything that can have new clothes styled, hair or accessories changed is a hit with our 6 year old girls. I sat alongside reading the parts in order that they continue to play.

Having waited for Twin Dad to return from an impromptu quick meeting, L to get his computer fix and S to get up we were ready to leave the house for our first National Trust visit of the year. We have been Home Educating Family Members for a couple of years now and our visit today at Uppark was our second.


Totally different from the last time we went in terms of weather. Hill rolling came first.


We never saw these last time….


A fairly quick zap around the house. Ceilings, serpents, chinese furniture admired. The house was busy with visitors, elderly visitors. We were by far the youngest visitors and only one comment asking if it were half term. Another question on who the awful cough belonged to……

The staff members were helpful and happy to chat and inform the children with tit bits of information to help make the visit more enjoyable.  Mostly we find this to be the case with National Trust Property Staff.  One of the Chandeliers was being cleaned and also the Extra Sized Dolls House was being cleaned/checked so the small house that sits by wasn’t up for play. Although we had already assumed as much from our last visit, the Large Dolls House was unlikely a Dolls House Toy at all. More than likely a demonstration to whom it was gifted of how a grand house should be decorated and furnished. Clearly from it’s size a child wouldn’t have played with it. Everything is in miniature; silverware is indeed silver, the best silk furnishings and furniture. It would have cost a small fortune in it’s time as it does now. A nice lady said to W “bet you’d love a dolls house like that”. W simply said “No”.

We enjoyed the Tunnels on the way out as we did the first time around. It’s a nice finish to the exit of the house with echoes and one scream aloud each 😉


On to the gardens which look totally different from when the long grass was growing. It’s a spectacular view they have there but the gardens are much nicer with the longer grass.



It was good to get out and about again exploring and feeling inspired, although a couple of hours was plenty for those who are still recovering.

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