So far this week

We’ve been into Town (YAWN) and the library. We’ve been to Soft Play with another two home-ed families from the neighbouring villages and had a lovely time. Eleven children in total so plenty of friends for all.

Shakespeare has again existed in our home-ed world in the shape of Midsummer Nights Dream and The Merchant of Venice.  Both happy plays.

We’ve also started a small topic on Plants and Trees after the word Germination came up in conversation.  The eldest two have a good understanding already but it’s fun to cover stuff again for the little ones.  We have some Sunflower seeds under observation at the moment and plenty of books.  I suspect a jaunt to the woods is in order in a few days time.

A whole bundle of back issues of the Aquila Magazine purchased on eBay arrived and we have been wading through them for future inspiration.  These were a real bargain at less than a £1 each.  We normally pay about £5 per issue since our subscription ran out.

We finished the travel documentary on China and decided that as a destination this must go on our list of places to visit.

Twinbo 1 is thinking about a photography project to help her get more use out of her new camera and learn more about photography so watch this space. At the moment she is expressing interest in photographing animals for a career. I think Steve Backshall and his Deadly 60 adventures have helped inspire this; we are massive fans in this household.

All the regular pastimes are still featuring in this household including Bogggle, Reading Eggs, Roblox, Minecraft, Lego, Nintendo DS, bouncing on the trampoline, listening to Audio’s, Barbie, Monster high, drawing and Toe by Toe.

Twinbos 1 & 2 have just headed on out for Youth Club for the evening and I believe they have a Reptile Guy coming in which should be cool.

Twinbos 3 & 4 are happily playing for what’s left of the evening and I am now off to finish the mass tidy that comes with the after dinner section of the day.

That’s all folks.

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