Fashion Tutor and Clay

Following our interests has really been at the top of our agenda this year. With limited resources including time and money we simply can’t do everything so our aim since the start of the year in January has been to be very specific with the things we really want to do and dispense with the rest. We are very driven by the desire not to waste precious time.

So, with that in mind paying for a private tutor for S (12) to nurture and assist her strong interest in Art specifically fashion and illustration seemed like a fantastic opportunity and money well worth spent. Yesterday, was the first session and it went incredibly well. Design boards shaping up towards a finished article, totally unique and totally her own. Very exciting stuff. S has worked with this lady before in a group and whilst an Artist overall she is a fashion designer, fashion business owner and an illustrator so really does fit well for S. As a home educating parent I am totally thrilled that we are able to offer these kind of opportunities to our children and enormously pleased that we can be this specialised dispensing with other stuff that is merely noise and distraction to us personally.

On balance we still very much want to encourage new things and will continue to offer choice where possible. The more experiences one has the larger the horizons and learning that can take place. This is my personal view.

L had the offer of a clay pottery workshop with some friends and surprisingly was actually keen to give it a try. The workshop turned out to be just *the boys* and by all accounts they had a great time. Three pots waiting to be fired and L tells me he’d go back for more. Wonders will never cease.

photo 2 photo 1

Whilst L was pot making the rest of us (minus Twin Dad who is mostly in Brighton at the moment) had the pleasure of some friends over for an afternoon social. S’s home educated BFF and family. Most of the time the five girls play really well together but increasingly the age gap between S and her home educated BFF who are both basically 12 compared to their three young siblings which include our Identical Twin Girls is ever more apparent.

Pre Teens/Teens are very different from 8/9 year old’s and even more different than just 7 year old’s. It seems that this parenting malarkey is constant work in progress. How to keep everyone happy the mission. Lots of effort at understanding both age groups, explanations, negotiations. It’s all valuable life learning. In truth it’s the real stuff, the important stuff for we all need to rub along in harmony some how in this world. Again, this is my personal view.

Education by Minecraft News:

S has built a Pudding Land

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