February Beginnings

Here we are in February. It’s cold. On the positive, it’s been noticeable on a couple of evenings when still out and about how the evenings are gradually staying lighter just that little bit longer. This prospect always makes me feel quite excited.

Apart from our trip to the V & A museum which I’ve blogged separately, it’s been business as normal. We have another business meeting combined with friends to play under our belts. It’s a good combination but only because our two sets of children play so well together.

S has been to her Art Tutor and continues to work towards her Silver Arts Award. At home she continues to sketch. She’s been learning some Japanese too but we need a better app or website. Dance on a Friday night is under way for a performance in April and Drama happens as normal on a Saturday. As well as the subject matters of all of her hobbies she enjoys the social element too. She’s been to a friends house for a few hours after Board Game Group and has seen another friend at our adventure group today. I’m ever more mindful of trying to ensure she get’s enough social cup filling as she needs. When she’s not out socialising she’s skyping or texting with her friends.

L in contrast doesn’t require as much but nonetheless he still likes to be sociable. Board Game Group was set up with his needs in mind. It’s been a great opportunity thus far to play MTG and he has made new friends by doing so. This has also extended to playing at our Adventure Group meet up and the age range is spanning 8 through 13. I fill the MTG gap in between times and we’ve been playing some games at home too; Brain Box History and a game that has sat on the shelf for the past year, Topix. Otherwise he’s glued to his PC.

A and W enjoy the board game group too and have made new friends. I came out of the group with ringing ears so will using a new venue next time. The girls have been drawing. Mostly monster high or vampires but we did have a nude sculpture drawing today, clearly inspired by our V&A visit! When they’re not drawing they continue to play with the Monster Highs or watch their favourite You Tube Channels.  If it’s not You Tube Channels about toys it’s tutorials. They use You Tube so much for tutorials. Today having been gifted so Play Doh from friends they were looking up tutorials on how to make Play Doh Lips. This is just representative of how learning anything is so easy in this digital era. They have found two new games on the tablets they like, Nyan Cat and another called Crossing. Crossing is like Frogger. They continue to enjoy Gymnastics too.

Viewing has mostly been Merlin but we did enjoy The Boy in a Dress.

I’ll leave with Art and Monster High Antics.

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