Fenlands Trip

Pretty last minute decision, we took off for a trip to the Fenalands to visit Grandad D and Big Nan. Flat, spacious farming land and absolutely no traffic or noise other than the wind on the trees, birdsong, an occasional tractor driveby and the sound of a local villager. These are the things I appreciate about that part of the UK, an area we lived in for about a year. 


Wind Farms


Fenlands Landscape

Both drives up and back were good and within the 5 hour mark with one only one stop to eat, pee and stretch our legs. Gadgets, colouring, music, conversation inspired by the views from the window keeping us all happy along the way. No vomit. Success I would say.

Thing with Grandad’s house is whilst it is plenty big enough for us all and the gardens surround the main buildings which is quite an adventure for young children, there is always plenty of work and repair to do!


L working for his supper!


and W


Grandad helping A with the rake


L helping lift the new fencing


Teamwork from W and S


S hard at it whilst A and W play with woodlice, beetles and worms


TD the one who makes it all come together

8 to cook for instead of 6 so naturally you need a large cake.


W preparing one of the layers


A icing


Our very first attempt at a rainbow layer cake. I think Big Nan was happy!


L on chicken for a curry


A picking Apples for the Apple Pie


W – Everyone must have a turn of course! 

The obligatory trip to local park.


Picksy Up Dropsy


Exercise for me

park park-001 park-004We took a trip to a fairly local Bootsale on one day and explored the Village Garage Sale on another coming home heavier than we arrived with a nice haul of cheap bargains; books, dvds, puzzles, clothes, toys etc. Happy days.

The rest of the time was mostly spent following Grandad D about, asking him this, asking him that. There was of course more wisdom and knowledge imparted amongst the giggling but we were spared Zulu. Instead Laurel and Hardy was introduced.

The internet connection wasn’t great so whilst there was still a certain amount of App usage and gadget usage we were fairly free from that world. There wasn’t a whole pile of TV either. A brief Milkshake session in the morning, S and L watched a robot movie the name of which escapes me and we all watched the X Factor.

S and I finished the Nancy Drew book and we have all enjoyed reading from a Michael Rosen book we found at the car boot.


Plenty of drawing. I think most days if not every day there are several drawings produced. I can’t put them all on so here’s a couple.


W’s Russian Doll inspired by a lovely set from our bootie haul


Grandad D in bunny disguise

Anyways, the fencing and other jobs are complete and looking good and I should imagine the house is very peaceful now we have left. Even the neighbour said how nice it was to hear the voices of children again. Til next time.


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