Fenlands Fishing Trip and Back

We’ve been to visit Grandad D in the Fenlands and returned since the last blog update. A change of scenery with the expanse of flat fields and a noticeably cooler air temperature compared to what we enjoy down here at the seafront.

A fairly relaxing time for us. Probably not so relaxing for Grandad D but we definitely liven up the place! Even the neighbouring village (despite having a decent plot of land around the property, hedges and a good distance between properties) can hear when we come to stay. Lots of running around in the various garden spaces with volume and a variety of loud sounds coming from the Organ based in the Conservatory.

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Mostly we just hung out at home picking tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes and runner beans and eating. Twin Dad managed some jobs including one of sewage which A and W found interesting and a roof job which saw A and W on the roof.

Grandad D I am sure was delighted to watch the Lego Movie, Frozen and Ghost Busters.

L (12) went on his first proper lake fishing trip with his Grandad and caught 7 fish I believe. They said they had a good day. In fact L says he wants to go again.


S mainly engrossed herself in her Harry Potter Audio or stayed plugged into instagram with her friends. Although she did accompany me to a car boot whereby we bought a highly inappropriate spell book which is now for re-sale on Amazon.

Back home to the South and it’s washing and working splattered with “How Do You Spell Questions” galore from A and W who have been glued to their Tablets with a focus on Bratz dolls at present.

S has resumed script learning in readiness for returning to Theatre Group. L has been positioned at mission control.

A couple of days of driving rain but it didn’t stop us picking more Blackberries.

We’ve also been to the library (again in the rain) and have new reading material. Currently enjoying books on the Rainforest, Food Chains and various animals. L and S renewed their current graphic novel books and S selected Lion Witch and The Wardrobe on Audio.

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