Fibonacci, Manor Farm, Minecraft

Thursday was gloriously warm and sunny but we opted for a home day and today the heavens opened complete with thunder and lightening but we went to the farm. The weather sorted itself out and summer returned.

Yesterday was a difficult day but today was an easier one. I don’t think it had anything to do with being *out* or *in* and more about my own mood meaning that juggling as many plates as I do wasn’t as pleasant as it normally is. In my defense, I had niggling annoyances which I thought was in relation to teeth extraction but realise it was regarding the trip today and I shouldn’t have allowed those frustrations interfere with our own happy home educating family lifestyle. Lessons learned myself today. It won’t happen again.

At home we decided to explore Fibonacci using the wonderful blog It resulted with our three girls doodling and spiraling. It’s not totally new knowledge to us; we have looked at pine cones and those gorgeous green Romanesque cauliflowers before and we know that the code that is Maths is everywhere but after watching those videos on it really demonstrated things clearly. We have our eyes even wider opened when out and about nowTwinbo 1 said “This is the best kind of maths. This is the maths I really understand” and she went on to do this:-

Science followed with a quick universal indicator test with soil. All three soils despite being from three very different areas turned out to be similar. We are now in search of some acidic soil.

Minecraft and our server is running well but we do have our youngest two now wanting to play in multi-player mode so another two full accounts required and probably another device to minimise the problems we are having with ensuring everyone is getting the time they need to play.

The girls have taken to drawing Minecraft figures:-

Bringing us to our trip today to Manor Farm. Our second trip as Culture All Pass Holders and once we got over the issues caused with reduced group numbers we went on to have a lovely time wandering around the very relaxed feel of the farm. We skipped out the house and the church this time around and concentrated on enjoying the animals and playing with friends. The cutest calves, twin baby ducks, gorgeous little chicks, smelly big feeding mama pigs, tractors, rabbits both caged and wild, plenty of dinosaurs in the shape of birds some with legwarmers others with fabulous hairdos. It’s a great farm, well worth a visit. I blogged about it here if you are considering a visit. Our photos today were not as varied.

Dinosaur (aka Turkey) – see very much still here!

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