First Swim of the Year

It didn’t take A and W long to recover from the busy London day and early hours of the morning bedtime from watching S in her Sadlers Wells Show. A day at home was plenty until Twin Dad arrived home for the evening and they requested to go swimming. First swim of the year – 7th April!


L was fine too. After a late start, off he went with his Grandad and two cousins for some boys only time over at Porchester Castle. Again the next day, off to the Pyramids of Portsmouth for some swimming fun. He’s been enjoying going out with his cousins who are on school holiday break.

S on the other hand spent all day in bed, too weak to really move. Pretty low key all week for S as she fights off a sore throat and general un-wellness. Still it gives her plenty of time to skype, watch Anime, listen to audio’s and draw.

All the best laid plains are subject to change in a family of 6. Myself and the smallest pair missed a home ed picnic this week due to the necessity of waiting in for a delivery but the day wasn’t completely lost as friends came over for play instead and my friend took them out for a seafront jaunt whilst I waited behind. Didn’t really want to leave S on her own anyway, all things considered.

Another change of plan due to S being ill saw us climbing Butser Hill instead of Kingley Vale.

DSC_1649We’ve been before but it was great to go with friends and on such a lovely warm early April day too. Exploring and adventuring free, these are the best kind of days. The highlight of the day was spotting a Male Adder. Definitely a Male Adder. Absolutely not a grass snake (found one of those here). We watched for a while, took photographs and then identified. The diamond patterned back was undeniable.




Back at the hub, it’s been more work for me in and around the household chores and just generally participating in stuff with the children; Games of Toot em Loot em, reading aloud from Wonder, watching George and the Jungle, Master Chef and Back in Time for Dinner to think of a few.

We have been continuing on in our school doesn’t exist lifestyle but of course it does exist for many and the school holidays do shape things slightly differently for us because of it.

L is on his second Gregor Overlander audio.

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