Flip Out, Friends, Arts Award

Monday took us to Flip Out the trampoline place not long opened here in Portsmouth. Five of us bounced (S, L, A and W and me!). We’d had experience of these kind of places at Air Hop in Guildford and was just curious to see what our local one had to offer. Unfortunately, I hadn’t realised upon booking (for our Home Ed Group) that it was an inset day. It seems that Flip Out hadn’t realised either. It was chaos when we arrived. Not only could we not park but the reception area was packed and people had to book-in individually. I have no true idea who turned up from the 37 people I booked. I saw some people but others I have no clue!

Anyway, it turned out to be not too bad, all things considered and I expect others will return on less busier times. We won’t because we’re off!

This is the only picture I got.


The whistle was blown a lot and the rules were pretty strict, some of them did seem a little daft to be honest. You can’t sit down on the trampolines. Not sure how that can be avoided when doing seat drops – perhaps that’s not allowed? One of our youngest was told not to bounce on one of the side trampolines too – also seems odd given that’s what they are there for?

Tuesday we had friends over for the day and we managed some fresh air.



Wednesday Twin Dad was home so took A and W for a trip to the park in the morning. Rare that Twin Dad is home midweek so a nice change. Meanwhile, L and I went on to Khan Academy for some Maths. We’ve decided to work on our Maths skills together. How long it will last, who knows?

Many hours have spent helping S with her Silver Arts Award this week. We are close to completion. She’s done incredibly well. She really enjoyed creating the comic but this jumping through hoops to complete writing for the award is frustrating and she says it takes away from her creative side. Still, we’re nearly there.

A and W are still engrossed in Minecraft but they have been watching You Tube Minecraft videos and have been taking inspiration from there. They are creating new worlds. They are building collaboratively. We had a Town the last time I looked but apparently today it’s been building a Puppy Pond, a Post office with Cows that you can look at and a Dog Shop. Lots of spelling questions still keep coming.


So, Thursday has indeed been more about hibernation with the girls content on Minecraft. L and I looked at his English IGCSE book and I learned where the Teddy Bear got it’s name. L thought I was fairly stupid not to have known that already. Oh well.

Viewing has been Dragon’s Den, Junior Master Chef, Back in Time for the Weekend and some documentaries on Tarsiers.

Oh and we watched the short video clip of the baby Gorilla being born by C-Section at Bristol Zoo.

Convinced L to play the Roman Game with me as I really like it (before I box it away). We played noticeably faster than the last time. Played Bus Stop with the girls – that’s now in the box. S played Animal Top Trumps with the girls which was nice to see. She doesn’t spend as much time with them as she used to but hopefully we are working on sibling relationships. S will be down from the penthouse suite when we move so we will see more of her 🙂

S and L (14) looked after A and W (8) this morning for half an hour whilst I went to the Doctor’s. I was only 5 minutes walk away and at the end of a phone. I wouldn’t normally leave the girls behind but we are keen for all the children to be given more opportunities for independence and responsibility. At age 8 I was out on my Grifter or Roller Disco Boots quite a way from home!

I wish I could reort more but we’re really just biding our time for the move. I’m personally making the most of the time to work on Hippy Paste. Things are going to look a lot different in our home educating world in just three weeks time.

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