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Often a theme to current interest topic shapes our home educating lifestyle and exists alongside regular activities, spontaneous events and the stuff that day to day living kicks up. For about a month now the theme has been Dr Who. Viewing the episodes has been the main part but an encyclopaedia and the Dr Who website are also very enjoyable resources. We’ve arrived at the end of all currently available Dr Who episodes on Netflix so have ordered Series 7 part two on DVD to arrive in several days. In the meantime, we have a gap in the market!

We’ve been filling the gap with my reading aloud from a book called Wonder. All four children present and interested. We’ve laughed already but suspect it’s going to take us through some sad times too.

Viewing has mostly been on BBC iplayer with Horrible Histories, Back in Time for Dinner (1950s), The Truth About Sugar, Calories and Master Chef. You could say we’ve been food focused. Maths has happened on the back of it though because we are now considering grams of sugar per 100g of product and what that means for our serving! Discussions of Credit, Hire Purchase also prompted by the Back in Time for Dinner programme.

S has been to her Art Tutor session where they are working through the creation of a complete comic. Her Tutor said that S is teaching her stuff she didn’t know about with regards to drawing Anime and said progress is coming along really well. We wait in anticipation. She believes S, should she want to, could easily create a  novel in the future based around these characters she has created.  Who knows what the future will hold but for now they are using the comic to obtain Silver Arts Award and totally enjoying the process.

The other big thing happening for S at the moment is her upcoming performance at Sadlers Wells on Easter Monday. More dance rehearsals until then plus regular drama. S has a few new opportunities in the pipeline and it’s great that our Teens can take full ownership of their direction. S requires lots of down time to simply do her own thing, be creative and generally *be* so my job at the moment seems to be offering opportunities but ensuring she doesn’t take on too much.

L in contrast to his Twin Sister (S) is following a different course at present. He’s totally into Dr Who, still enjoys playing MTG but has given up his PC. Yes given up his PC. He handed it to me over two weeks ago and has only taken it back for 15 minutes the other day. He told us to put it away but we have just left it on the side so he can take it back whenever he wants. But he doesn’t want…..? Instead, he has been spending more time with his younger sisters and a shift of dynamics has taken place in the house because of this. He’s not totally techno free as he has a smart phone and has been using the Tablet occasionally to play Minecraft with A and W but he’s definitely made a dramatic change and we honestly didn’t see it coming. I think he’s in some kind of transitional stage perhaps encouraging the opportunities to find something new to focus on. He’s keen to do other stuff including helping making a vegetable stew. I think he has general wellbeing on his mind.

A and W have and two play dates with their bff friends. At home they have been measuring monster high dolls in anticipation of the new 17 inch MH dolls!


New Kumon books arrived to carry on our endeavours with reading/writing. The girls like challenges so I challenged them to write some words without looking them up. There was much giggling coming from A (7) who was sitting in the living room and it soon became apparent why. Before coming to the table she had written all the answers on her arm despite not needing most of them! Problem solving but nonetheless cheating. This girl wasn’t made for school.


Saturday saw us participate in our 5th (I believe) Earth Hour. We turned off all the electricity played Pictionary and an acting/charades version of Pictionary by candle light. Fun:)

DSC_1592 (1) DSC_1593 (1)

We’ve been taken out by Grandad M for a birthday Sunday lunch for Twin Dad and Nanny T came too. We don’t eat out that often as it’s an expensive event for 6 so when we do it’s always a welcome treat.

Bringing us right round to Monday again today with our Home Ed Board Game Group come jumble sale. Pictionary, Zingo, MTG, Card Games for all and some money raised to go towards some of our group activities.

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