Friends, Changes, Wonderland

Horrible Histories and Alice in Wonderland the viewing last night and whilst we love HH, Alice in Wonderland has really caught the imagination of A and W today with the story unfolding during Lego play this morning. There have been white queens on horses and drawings of horses to speak of.

Home Ed Friends came round to play filling the bulk of the remaining day light hours. 7 children in total with ages 2,6,6,6,9,11,11 (I think) girls and boys. Happily getting along together in various states of play; Lego, Marble Runs, My Little Ponies just some of the items out today. Not one single disagreement or issue just happy contented time. A nice way to spend the day plus the bonus of chatting to good adult company.

It sounds perfect but not everything is tickety boo in the happiness stakes. L is definitely not happy to attend the regular Wednesday group we normally go to. He/we made the decision last night to draw a line beneath it at least for him. It has never really been his scene and we have attended nearly every week for the benefit of the three girls but it’s absolutely clear after a year we are ready and in need of some changes. We need to look at reshaping some of our plans accordingly to meet the changing needs of our own family dynamics. It may mean that the girls only get to go some of the time rather than all of the time or perhaps we will look at finding other avenues. It will unfold.

Our second fruit/veg delivery arrived today. I changed to a large veg box and small fruit opposed to a mixed box. We have the most amazing Romanesque Cauliflower so think we should revisit Fractals and Fibonacci before we eat it!

West Country Quiche on the menu for this evening made this morning as per the recipe suggestions that come with the veggie boxes. It was a good use of the last of the apples. S rolled the pastry with A assisting and L grated the cheese – small helping jobs that make a difference to the workload. However, it was only a 3 out of 6 vote so it won’t be staying on the menu!

L has been researching PC games to play and I think we have settled at World of Warcraft. PC requirements will probably land up on the Christmas List.

Very briefly, S, L and I read some more of the Big History Project we are following. More science and religious discussions.

A and W requested again to watch Alice and their interest has spilled out into Minecraft with the Red Queen’s castle. Really impressed with their creative and building skills on the game. Super fast too!

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