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It’s been a busy few days between blog posts. Quite a lengthy one mainly full of photos to record our home educating antics.


All about the social play side of things. Adventure Playground, swinging, sliding, climbing, hanging out with friends and teddies followed by extended social back at a friends house to celebrate a birthday. It was a 9th birthday get together with family and friends ranging from baby through 13 plus the adults. Fabulous rainbow pinata cake and birthday nibbly foods. Bouncing on the trampoline and various other games. Truth is the children were just so content to hang out and we parents got to chat too. Happy Birthday girl and happy friends.


Marwell Zoological Park. Our second visit of the year. Totally different weather wise than our Summer trip. I think this was the day that decided Autumn had actually arrived for us.

Loads of fun to be had testing our speed in comparison to an Ostrich, Cheetah etc.

marwellautumn marwellautumn-001 marwellautumn-002 marwellautumn-003

Given the North Wind outside, The Tropical House was a favourite with it’s rainforest plants, Poison Tree Frogs, Leaf Cutter Ants and Croc to name but a few.

marwellautumn-004 marwellautumn-005 marwellautumn-006

Outside Autumn really was present aside of the colder temperatures with Acorns and leaves in abundance on the ground. We also found a Walnut Tree and amused ourselves with a game of crack the Walnut to reveal your brain. Hilarious to all who didn’t crack a shriveled nut!


One of the main reasons for going back to Marwell this year was to see the Go Rhinos Trail. Absolutely loved them! Here are some of our favourites.

rhino rhino-001 rhino-002 rhino-003 rhino-004 rhino-005

Packed Lunch in a seated sheltered sun trap spot whilst experimenting with hand feeding the birds. Which bird would be brave enough. Rooks large a shiny and very clever but it was a smaller bird that won the prize.


After lunch there was hill rolling. As you do.


Then on to see a Red Panda who was just a mass of ginger fur snuggled up in a tree not showing his face. Still at least we glimpsed him.

Birds came next which was great because by the last time we visited by the time we arrived at the Bird enclosure we were all flagging and sagging in the heat. This time we stopped and talked about Feathers and Wingspans.

wingspan wingspan-001

We spotted the Leopard, Cheetah and Servals, Meer Cats plus we saw some animals we didn’t see last time including this little fellow below.

mammals mammals-001

Whilst the girls were doing their own gibbon like behaviour L and I checked out the Tamarins and then the Reptiles.

gibbon gibbon-001

reptile reptile-001

More Monkeying around.


Last but by no means least, the Giraffe. Probably the best part of the day. No matter how many times I see Giraffe, I can’t help but be in awe of these amazing creatures. This one was so friendly.


Bringing us round to….


We attended a Music Group on Friday morning with fellow home ed friends. African beats, singing, drums. Noise, Harmony, Posture, Rthymn, Fun. The girls and I would like to go back and whilst L wasn’t keen he tells me next week he may join in.


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