Getting Used to the Change of Season

A rainy week on and off and two out of four children with sickness bug has started the process for getting used to the change of season and all that it brings for our home educating lifestyle. There will be more home days to speak of.

Both A and W have been reading to/with me. We are using some *start reading* books borrowed from the library at the moment. We have no set pattern in the learning to read journey and often jump all over the place. They are accumulating the skills gradually as we go about our daily lives and they are coming from a variety or areas. There is progress to speak of.

Playing takes on a new level during the colder season as life is given back to toys that have had less attention over the summer months when we are too busy swimming and enjoying outside spaces. The marble run has been out, playmobil dinosaurs and the Monster high’s have been given new life alongside Ever After High. Twin Dad has helped them craft new beds (sawing, painting) for when their new wanted dolls arrive – they are saving hard.

ever after high bed

Before the sickness set in, we made it to our regular bowling group, adventure playground group where we attempted to make draw bots (yet to perfect at home) and we had a morning cinema alongside school groups to see a short film called Ten Pieces. Think introduction to classical music with a bit of animation thrown in and a whole pile of recognisable presenters from CBBC. Rather loud, but enjoyable.

Here we are, the rebels eating popcorn for breakfast in the back seats in the totally empty cinema except for us – until the uniforms arrived that is! We were absolutely surrounded by school children who couldn’t help but wonder why we weren’t in uniform and how come we could eat popcorn.

DSC_0750 (1)

Afterwards more climbing at Action Stations, Historic Dockyard with friends. S got to the top of one climb she hadn’t mastered before and even L had a go. Lots of successes for L at the moment.

DSC_0754 DSC_0752

S has had a weekend of Theatre rehearsals – it’s tiring stuff but the production is getting closer.

A and W have helped with a car boot – W seems rather keen on the idea of business and making money.

Otherwise it’s been skype, minecrafting, world of warcrafting and bit of Khan Academy Maths.

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