Going with the Flow

The trampoline has left the garden so that’s bounce fun over with for a while. The exercise bike has gone too. There is a small play park in the village so a walk there gives us fresh air and exercise. Honestly speaking, the youngest pair would rather sit and play on Star Stable all day at the moment.

park2 park

Took a fleeting visit to a local airfield with an event on. See here pictures below.

cars cars1holbeach cars3

And a trip back to Belton House as Twin Dad hadn’t been before. The grounds at Belton are great. We took the little train ride and balanced on the play structures. Spotted a deer who looked right at me when taking the picture. Then another leapt the gates – high they were too!

belton belton2 belton3 belton4 belton5 belton6 belton7

Starting to line up some documentaries and movies for the cold season ahead. Recently we’ve watched The Imitation Game which was a brilliant film and now we are keen to visit Bletchley and learn more about The Enigma machine and Alan Turing.

Inside the Factory has shown us how shoes are made…..it’s all exciting stuff this end I promise you 😉

S (14) can still be found drawing and her latest pieces are as good as they always are. She’s taken to soft pastels just recently. Here she is dressed as Misty Visions, a pyschic in character for for a Murder Mystery evening for a friends birthday recently. She did it!


L (14) continues to play with this World of Warcraft Guild working their way through the current content. When he’s not doing that he’s reading.

A and W (9) still Star Stables mad. They’ve worked out how to take advantage of certain computer glitches to their advantage. They play with friends online and watch You Tube videos at the same time. Their typing is getting super fast. It’s very much a digital world. At bedtime they request my reading to them. Currently we are reading about diasters. This is a topic they have liked for a while; Tornadoes, Tsunami, Earthquakes, Snow storms…..I ask them why I can’t read to them during the day when I’m not so tired but they said they’re too busy during the day.

There will be some changes in a couple of weeks when we move so just going with the flow of the here and now. That’s what we do.

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