Who You Gonna Call?

January is always a month of planning ahead but I’m also trying to be mindful of living in the moment. Compiling our yearly happy bucket lists in between our busy out and about socials.

New Year’s Day we attempted to blow the cobweb’s away by walking to the top of Butser Hill. I couldn’t help but think how the walk this time last year would have been impossible for me suffering with Anaemia. I am feeling far more energised and well nowadays the Anaemia seems to be under control. However, we didn’t quite make it as S came over all faint half way up which is not like her at all. Given the cold rainy clouds we ventured back down. Still….


L has been to his first MTG games evening with his friend at a local game shop. He plans to enter a tournament before the month is out. When he is unable to play Magic with friends, I fill the gap.

We’ve also had a few new house mates to deal with too – Mice. I am hoping the problem has been solved but it’s a watch this space. Still it inspired some interest in harvest mice from W and we treated ourselves to a meal out because of the extra workload the little pests had caused.

La Iguanas our choice of restaurant, Latin American cuisine and for a moment we were in the middle of Rio de Janeiro. Snapped this whilst we were waiting for our order to arrive.


The first proper week whereby people get back to normal after the Christmas period. Schools are back and again we continue living without it. I forget sometimes how strange it is to other people when they see us out and about during school time.

Monday gave us Monkey Biz soft play with friends for A and W with the chance to get to know some other home ed children who have been going to our gymnastics sessions.

Tuesday was our first Adventure Playground meet up for the year and we all went. Whilst it was quiet it did give the opportunity to again expand friendships for some and the opportunity for MTG games for others.

Wednesday we mostly stayed close to home with S resuming her tutored Art sessions and L joining a couple of friends for a birthday swim at the Pyramids.

Thursday gave us the last in our current Yoga & Mindfulness sessions followed by friends round to play whilst I slotted in a business meeting. It is fortunate that my business partner’s children are good friends with A and W.

Friday gave us Playzone for all followed by Gymnastics for A and W. That is probably the last time we will all venture to PZ. Although L had a reasonable time as one of his friends was there and he even went down a couple of the slides, in contrast S just sat with her headphones on and sketched. They are just over this kind of stuff now and again it comes down to my juggling the age gap between our two sets of twins.

DSC_1165 DSC_1166


Bringing us back round to the weekend again with Saturday and S is back at Theatre School and L had a social at his friends house. We finished off the day/evening with friends over for Mexican food. S was happy to see her BFF and everyone was busy having a good time including us adults that we couldn’t believe it was past midnight when we checked the time!

In between the out and about’s, socials, business, work and general life chores, this is what’s been happening:-

We have compiled our yearly lists of things we would like to do, see, experience, achieve, try etc. As expected, it’s a mixed bag between the 6 of us and they are never conclusive as undoubtedly new things will be thrown in as we venture through the year and become inspired by life.

I have encouraged A and W to use their Kumon workbooks and share some of the learning to read books, simply to help them with their addition and reading/writing. Very short bursts as they do find this kind of stuff very tedious. They much prefer to spend their time sitting in dining table adapted dens watching endless you tube clips or playing music making a racket on Big Nan’s organ that we have now inherited. I have worked out the beginning of the *Imperial March* so that S can record it as a ring tone.


The Monster High Dolls have taken over the house again and seem to be watching us from every angle. They have even had their own Go Ape to play on. The latest MH dolls are pirate inspired ghosts and Grim Reaper inspired Ghosts so they have taken to all things Ghosts. This has seen us watch Ghost Busters over and over and over. Who you gonna call?


DSC_1163 DSC_1164 DSC_1159

L has expanded his video game play to now include Plants Vs Zombies alongside the existing World of Warcraft, Minecraft and Roblox. He is currently reading the Naruto Series and listening to HP on audio.

S has been drawing a lot. So impressed with her latest drawings. We are in the process of installing Photoshop on to S’s PC and have added in a printer/scanner so that she can now scan in her drawings for digital adaptation. At least that is the plan if her PC behaves itself. Otherwise she is currently working her way through the last HP on Audio.

And that’s a 11 day January wrap for now.

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